Month: June 2007

New Arran Sheepdog Centre Site

Wullie Stevenson’s newly launched site, the Arran Sheep Dog Centre is now up and running if any one is interested in owning a border collie dog as a working sheep dog or a great pet for dog lovers.Wullie is registered with the international Sheep Dogs Society and competes in dog trials and wullie and his dog molly have been successful in the scottish nursery trials.Visit the site to find out when you can see his dogs herding ducks round a fun course of mini fences and helter scelters. we hope to grow the site adding more informaition about his dogs and events and results of trials...

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I have a few sites, but no traffic!

At the moment I have a total of 8 sites, 7 of them are functional with cscups still in the making. My only site with any traffic is, where most of the traffic comes from league and ladder sites. Below are my sites with the estimated value of them (from The site with the most traffic has by far the highest value, it is also my largest site with 10,000’s of pages in search engines. $21 $62 $144 $212 $310 $412 $850 $5,427 I am stuck at the moment as to how to get traffic for the other sites. They are all lsited in search engines but don’t get much traffic for them. Does any one have any ideas how to promote such...

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